Welcome to rent barges!


Fast and costeffective establishment

for lake and coast everywhere in Sweden.

Why rent a barge?


We specialize in renting out small heavy duty barges for quick establishment anywhere in the country, coast and lakes. On land, the barge is transported folded on a hook loader truck that does not require any special transport.

We rent out barges, among other things, to those who need work platforms for good access, for example at ports or quay work etc in any marine environment.


The barge serves as a good storage place for materials or such if there are no opportunities on land.


Transportation of barge


If needed, you can fit e.g. a mini excavator or similar on top of the barge when transporting with a hook loader truck.

About us


The barges are rented out by Kymendö Båttaxi & Sjötransport AB, a company in the Stockholm archipelago based on Kymendö, southeast of Stockholm.


We have been engaged in the construction industry on land for several years before the focus landed on marine environment, above and below surface.




We drive small taxi boats for both the private and corporate sector as well as material transport.


Folded barges with rapid establishment within the country is a part of our company that has grown over time as we have seen the need for it.


Over the years, we have developed a close collaboration with Vattenfall Service Nordic's fault remediation in maritime contracts, including supervision, maintenance and new laying of submarine cables.