We drive throughout the Stockholm archipelago.


Our boat taxi and seatransport business started in the 90s with a permit for 12 passengers.

We are situated on Kymendö.


The closest mainland is Dalarö,


about 45 km southeast of Stockholm. 

Book a small boat taxi

Why not book a round trip by boattaxi to the summerhouse, your friends, the restaurant and visit a wonderful place in the archipelago at the same time or the hotel, the party, for the craftsman who needs to get on going, the broker ...  There are many reasons to call us and book a smallboat taxi. 

Transportation of goods

We carry out transport of goods/cargo for you and the craftsman.

scuba diving

We also arrange diving trips for smaller groups 

If necessary, we are equipped with ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicles)

and Sidescan sonar 

Cancellation policy

Send an email

  • Booked travel can be canceled without charge up to 1 full day before departure

  • If canceled less than 1 day but more than 4 hours before the booked departure, 50% of the agreed price will be charged.

  • If canceled less than 4 hours before departure, the full price of the trip will be charged according to the booking.

  • In order for the cancellation to be considered to have taken place, it must have been confirmed by Kymendö Båttaxi & sjötransport AB by telephone or email. An unconfirmed cancellation is not considered to have been canceled and full charge applies.

  • Bookings can be changed if possible. Does Kymendö Båttaxi & Sjötransport AB cancel the trip due to unsuitable weather or breakdown, no charge is made. Kymendö Båttaxi & Sjötransport AB reserves the right to make reallocations in the travel program due to weather and wind without claim to compensation.

  • If the waiting time is more than 5 minutes, 300 sek will be charged for each 10-minute period started, after 10:00 pm 600. sekwill be charged. Prices incl. VAT.

  • Damage to jetties: The shipping company disclaims its obligation to compensate for damage to the jetty in connection with calls at our boats.

  • The master/commander has the right to direct passengers to another bridge in the event that there are circumstances that the master deems may affect safety or cause damage.

  • Force majeure: strike, lockout, fire, explosion, breakdown, war or similar downtime or other circumstances beyond the company's control entitles the company to terminate the agreement without obligation to pay damages.